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Our Services and Products

Extreme Hosting

Hosting powered and managed by the best in the industry… Our team can Get your business up and running beyond the competition

Enterprise Solutions Engineering

Want your network running at the speed of light or faster? Have our team build your network the right way. From using the latest technologies in Giga -Ether, to new management techniques.

Content Management Solutions

Let us deliver powerful content to your extranet or internet website.

Customer Relationship Management

Improve Business Productivity, Integration with Outlook, Integration with MBS applications, and Ensure low TCO.

Database Management Solutions

Turn your data into productive results, let our database management team help transform and build your data infrastructure.

Custom Web Application Development

Your websites are key to your business, let us make it work for you. Utilizing the latest in microsoft technology we will make sure your site acts the way your customers want it to work. We are highly skilled in Microsoft .Net Framework web application development, and have in house graphics, gui-development to make it easy for your end users.

The Simplest Solution To Customer Satisfaction

Responsiveness is the single most important factor to enhancing customer satisfaction.

“Thank you for calling XYZ Company. Your call is important to us but not important enough for us to answer it. Please hold for eternity or leave a message and a representative will contact you as soon as it is convenient for us.” 

If you’ve ever used the telephone to contact a business you can relate to the frustration that can result from voice mail or automated answering services. Undoubtedly, when they first became “the way to do business” it was extremely annoying; how…


Respect Your Customer’s Time

If you’ve ever used the telephone to contact a business you can relate to the frustration that can result from voice mail or automated answering services. Undoubtedly, when they first became “the way to do business” it was extremely annoying; however, times are changing, folks are automating and imprudent business practices such as this are gaining acceptance (or at least tolerance).  This is perhaps one of the most common complaints customers mention in their online reviews about your business.

Of course the ole’ time principles of customer services – such as answering the phone before the third ring, avoiding putting a customer on hold if at all possible, and providing personal service – are still superb solutions to customer satisfaction. But, in our automated world, it is vital to recognize the importance of responding to customers quickly and appropriately, especially if they have been forced to listen to a long recording and traipse through a jungle of push buttons in order to leave a message for you instead of being afforded the luxury of speaking to a warm-blooded human. 

Whether a customer makes contact in person, via telephone or through email, businesses should strive to provide a timely, if not an immediate response. Customer satisfaction is reliant on responsiveness. 

What is Considered a Timely Response

So, you may ask, “What is a timely response?” 

Honestly, the definition of a timely response really depends on the customer’s perception. The urgency of their need may play into the mix or their idea of a timely response may be linked to their expectations. 

For some reason there is a perception amongst business people that a 24 hour response to a customer inquiry is sufficient. From the customer’s perspective. However, having to wait 24 hours for a quick answer to a simple question or a viable solution to a serious problem is ridiculously aggravating and neglectful on the part of the business. 

Poor Customer Service Hurts Business

When customers have a bad experience, from the customers’ perspective, they are sure to seek other options for fulfilling their needs. Plain and simple – poor customer service results in lost business. 

Regardless of the type of business you are in and whether you receive customer inquiries via telephone, email or a website contact form, it is absolutely critical that you get back to your customers right away.

Placing responsiveness at the top of your customer service objectives is the simplest solution to gaining a competitive advantage, producing satisfied customers, maintaining your customers through repeat business, and building your market share through client referrals. 

How to become a Audiologist

Exactly how to become a Audiologist

Audiologists test hearing as well as examine the nature of hearing problems. They are accountable for the non-medical monitoring and also rehab of hearing loss as well as associated disorders of interaction.


You The Work The Facts Related Courses

Personal needs of a Audiologist

Able to influence confidence and also participation A considerate as well as sensible technique to people’s problems Excellent communication skills Analytical capacity


Education & Training for a Audiologist

To become an audiologist you normally need to research biomedicine, life science, wellness science or an associated area at college, adhered to by a postgraduate credentials in audiology. To get into the degree training courses you typically need to get your Senior Additional Certification of Education And Learning. Entrance to postgraduate programs generally needs conclusion of a proper bachelor level. Universities have different prerequisites and also some have flexible entry demands or deal outside research study. Contact the organizations you are interested in to find out more.

Prior to carrying out medical placements required by courses, students will require to acquire a National Cops Certification, a Give Emergency Treatment Certificate and also immunisations, as well as undertake a Working with Children Inspect. Get in touch with the organizations you want for additional information. Grads are qualified for complete membership of Audiology Australia. A Certification of Medical Method is identified by the culture as the standard for undertaking the professional technique of audiology in Australia. Scientific certificates need at the very least twelve month of supervised medical method. Call Audiology Australia for information.

Tasks & Jobs of a Audiologist

Audiologists: – establish a client’s problems with hearing and also listening by performing interviews and examining history details – assess the level of hearing loss and area of the trouble utilizing a wide range of strategies, including audiometric examinations such as air as well as bone conduction examinations – report outcomes of assessment and also screening in creating as well as make recommendations to doctors – offer recovery programs, such as counselling and advice, for the hearing-impaired and also their family members – evaluate hearing levels of employees, such as pilots or members of the militaries – prescribe, fit as well as examine listening device and various other devices, such as cochlear implants – give training in communication strategies such as lip analysis as well as in the use of acoustic as well as various other devices – conduct follow-up assessments after listening to aids have actually been fitted to ensure clients get the clearest amplification – help with the advancement and also monitoring of sound control as well as hearing conservation approaches in industry.

Where can I find a Qualified Audiologist in London?

“Going Private” Is Now More Affordable Than You Think

 have told us time and again that the amount they paid was worth it for the relief of being able to hear properly again… without having to wait months for a micro suction appointment. You don’t need to wait months for ear wax removal, either.

Why not jump the queue by “going private”?


Easy Tips To Make Preparation Your Wedding A Breeze

Best Tips for your wedding

When preparing a wedding event, expenses can add up very rapidly. Setting a wedding event budget is a good idea to keep your finances on track. You want your day to be remarkable, but not still be spending for it on your 10th year anniversary. This article will offer you some excellent recommendations for budgeting your wedding expenditures.

If you are not spiritual, but your spouse or their household is, consider getting married in the church. Since you are not religious, it does not impact you, but it will probably suggest a great deal to your spouse. Opportunities are they have been dreaming of it their entire lives.

Wedding event planning can be exceptionally difficult and lengthy. Some couples do not want to handle it. To assist with wedding event planning it is typically effective to enlist the aid of a wedding event coordinator. A wedding planner is a specialist who can assist you arrange and plan your perfect wedding.

When planning your wedding, you should pick an area that will make the wedding special and remarkable for you. You do not necessarily need to hold your wedding event in a church like everyone else. You can choose to have a beach wedding event, a wedding event on a cliff ignoring the ocean, or a wedding event right in your yard. Select a place that will make the event feel that a lot more unique, and look great in images!

Practice your walk down the aisle many times on the days leading up to the wedding event. Make certain that you do this at the actual site of the wedding event, as you will want to evaluate out the flooring with the shoes you are going to use. When the big day comes, this will help to improve your flow.

Have your wedding on a Thursday, Friday, or Monday. The majority of wedding events take place over the weekend so that guests can require time off from work and travel to the place– which is why weekend weddings are more pricey. Think about making your wedding on a day of the week that gives visitors an opportunity to get there, however is reasonable for your pocketbook too.

Remember, at the end of the day, your wedding is for you and your liked one. It is excellent to attempt and please every aunt and cousin, but it will not be possible. Select the products that make you the happiest and attempt to ignore exactly what every one else will say.

You and your future partner can quite quickly do many of the jobs associated with the wedding event. From focal points to wedding event favors, you will conserve loan by not having these things done for you.

As stated at the beginning of the article, wedding event costs can build up really rapidly. Setting a budget can avoid entering into financial obligation on your special day Hopefully, this short article has actually given you some terrific concepts for budgeting your wedding event expenditures, so your special day can be everything you constantly imagined.



What you really need to do before your wedding

To help with wedding event preparation it is often efficient to get the aid of a wedding event coordinator. When preparing your wedding event, you need to pick a place that will make the wedding event remarkable and unique for you. You can pick to have a beach wedding, a wedding on a cliff neglecting the ocean, or a wedding right in your backyard. Many weddings take place over the weekend so that visitors can take time off from work and travel to the place– which is why weekend weddings are more costly. Consider making your wedding on a day of the week that offers guests an opportunity to get there, however is affordable for your wallet too.



Maturing Nanotechnology

Maturing Nanotechnology

Published Mon, 2007-02-19 14:31 NanoTechnology

The safest possible future for advancing nanotechnology in a sustainable world can be reached by using green chemistry, says James E. Hutchison, a professor of chemistry at the University of Oregon.

“Around the world, there is a growing urgency about nanotechnology and its possible health and environmental impacts,” Hutchison said in his talk Sunday during a workshop at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. “There is a concern that these issues will hinder commercialization of this industry.”

Scientists need to take a proactive approach to advancing from the current discovery phase in the creation of nanomaterials into a production phase that is efficient and reduces waste, he said. In his talk, Hutchison suggested a green framework for moving the industry forward.

Nanotechnology refers to research on materials that are nanometer in size – or about 1 billionth of a meter and applicable to virtually every technology and medicine. The field of nanoscience, Hutchison said, is still in the discovery phase, in which new materials are being synthesized for testing for very specific physical properties. During such work, there often are unintended properties of material that potentially can be hazardous to the environment or human health but are, for now, an acceptable risk in secured research environments, he said.

Now is the time, Hutchison said, for scientists to “seriously consider the design of materials, processes and applications that minimize hazard and waste, and this will be essential as nanoscience discoveries transition to the products of nanotechnology.”

Hutchison is a leading U.S. innovator in nanofabrication and assembly processes and is a pioneer in the use of green chemistry, which he also teaches to other scientists around the country at workshops. He also is the leader of the Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Initiative, which is funded by an Air Force Research Laboratory grant to the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute.

Green chemistry, he argues, can sharply reduce the use of toxic solvents and produce safer products with reduced chances for unintended consequences. It also can provide opportunity for new innovations.

“Green chemistry allows us to think about new space and new parameters,” Hutchison said. “We have the opportunity to develop the technology correctly from the beginning, rather than trying to rework and entrenched technology.”

Hutchison, who is director of the UO’s Material Sciences Institute, is developing diverse libraries of nanoparticles, “in which we systematically bury the structural parameters and use in vivo and in vitro assays to determine the relationship between biological response and structural parameters.”

One such library covers gold nanoparticles for use in basic research. By studying these nanoparticles, he said, researchers can get an idea of what kinds of new electronic, optical and pharmaceutical products eventually may come to market. Hutchison received a patent in 2005 for his synthesis of gold nanoparticles using green chemistry.

Hutchison told the AAAS gathering that he recently published a technique for purifying nanoparticles that uses membranes with nanopores so small that only impurities pass through – a green approach that allows the purification of particles rapidly without using organic solvents. “Before this accomplishment, purifying the material used up 15 or so liters of solvent per gram of particles,” he said. “If solvent is the density of water, that’s 15,000 times more mass used to purify it than we get out of it.”

The nanotechnology industry, Hutchison said, has reached an important moment in time. “There is an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve,” he said. “We should commit ourselves to design these materials and processes to be green from the beginning, and this will provide a lot of freedom from layers of regulation to researchers and companies, allowing for more innovation.”

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